April 5, 2010

WASHINGTON–“The U.S. is not only a founding member of the U.N. but for a long time has been its largest financial backer,” writes Elan Journo, fellow with the Ayn Rand Center. “What are we getting for our money? An institution that makes a mockery of protecting rights around the world. Consider a recent report from veteran U.N. observer Anne Bayefsky, cataloguing just some of the recent perversities of the U.N.’s (notorious) Human Rights Council.

‘The Council, which meets in Geneva, is the personal playground of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The Council’s agenda is accordingly fixated on issues of priority to the Islamic bloc–number one, delegitimizing Israel; number two, trumping free speech in the name of Islam; and number three, avoiding any criticism of human-rights violations in their own backyards. None of which has anything to do with protecting human rights.’

“Later, Bayefsky observes, ‘The Obama administration lost every time it called for the vote on a resolution at the Council session.’ But don’t be misled into thinking that Obama’s diplomats were all that energetic.

‘Having jumped on the Council bandwagon last year without insisting on any reform-minded preconditions, U.S. diplomats now sit there taking it on the chin and lending predictable and immutable Council routines undeserved legitimacy. This past session, the Council adopted five resolutions condemning Israel and fewer resolutions on the rest of the world combined: one each on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Korea, Burma/Myanmar, and Guinea.’

“The other 187 states on the planet got a free pass from the Council, notwithstanding the pressing reality of Nigeria’s butchered Christians, Saudi Arabia’s gender apartheid, Egypt’s systematic torture, China’s iron fist, Sudan’s genocide, and Russia’s slain human-rights defenders.

“By continuing to support the United Nations, we lend it undeserved legitimacy that directly undermines our own political ideal of individual rights.”