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Interception of Communications Bill 2017 Open To Public Consultation

NASSAU, New Providence, (February 23, 2017) –  We, as a group of 15 Civil Society and Private Industry Organizations are pleased by The Attorney General’s announcement that the Interception of Communications Bill 2017 will be delayed and made open to public consultation.  This action is recognized as acknowledgement that public input and review of legislation is a fundamental aspect of Good governance that results in effective policies which are stronger and beneficial to the wider populace of The Bahamas. Our groups share the belief that the ICB is a complex piece of legislation that has implications for privacy, freedom...

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Letter To The Editor: Kill The Spy Bill

Dear Sir: Please read and consider signing and sharing this petition against the Bahamas government’s dangerous and unconstitutional ‘Spy Bill’ (The Interception of Communications Bill, 2017) which, if passed, would allow the authorities to secretly access citizens’ emails and listen to their telephone calls on the basis of suspected “subversion”, among other things. The proposed Bill amounts to an open licence to intimidate and silence activists, dissidents, political opponents and anyone who disagrees with the current administration. Will an election just a few months away, the implications for democracy and the rule of law in The Bahamas are frightening....

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