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Interception of Communications Bill 2017 Open To Public Consultation

NASSAU, New Providence, (February 23, 2017) –  We, as a group of 15 Civil Society and Private Industry Organizations are pleased by The Attorney General’s announcement that the Interception of Communications Bill 2017 will be delayed and made open to public consultation.  This action is recognized as acknowledgement that public input and review of legislation is a fundamental aspect of Good governance that results in effective policies which are stronger and beneficial to the wider populace of The Bahamas. Our groups share the belief that the ICB is a complex piece of legislation that has implications for privacy, freedom...

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Letter To The Editor: Kill The Spy Bill

Dear Sir: Please read and consider signing and sharing this petition against the Bahamas government’s dangerous and unconstitutional ‘Spy Bill’ (The Interception of Communications Bill, 2017) which, if passed, would allow the authorities to secretly access citizens’ emails and listen to their telephone calls on the basis of suspected “subversion”, among other things. The proposed Bill amounts to an open licence to intimidate and silence activists, dissidents, political opponents and anyone who disagrees with the current administration. Will an election just a few months away, the implications for democracy and the rule of law in The Bahamas are frightening....

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Kelly’s Freeport, Historic Judgement vs Customs for GBPA Licensees

Kellys Freeport wins 6 year Supreme Ct. Judicial Review trial! Judgment for punitive, exemplary and aggravated damages against Customs for breach of Hawksbill Creek Agreement Court declares Customs bully tactics against GBPA Licensee Illegal! Customs actions “were arbitrary, unreasonable and contrary to law.” Issues Permanent Injunction against Customs for all Licensees of GBPA History of Action In a 6 year judicial review odyssey by Kelly’s Freeport to hold Customs accountable for illegally trying to force it to accept a breach of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, the rights of licensees of the GB Port Authority in Freeport have been once again vindicated by the Supreme Court. This makes over a dozen cases over the years in which the courts have repeatedly upheld the HCA and rights of licensees from central government abuse and interference with business in Freeport. In a case that has been fraught with delays, roadblocks and obstructionism by the government, the Supreme Court has delivered judgment in Kellys’ favor. The case began in August 2010 when customs seized over 10 containers being imported by Kellys for the busy Christmas season and refused to clear them until Kelly’s buckled to their unlawful demands for production of over-the-counter bonded sales reports and payment of customs duties for previous imports. The Supreme Court in Freeport, initially granted permission to Kelly’s to challenge customs actions in October 2010 by Judicial Review....

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Parliaments “Achilles Heel”: No Accountability

By Rick Lowe Last week, in the wake of what could be the biggest governmental scandal to ever reach the press in this country, MICAL MP (PLP) V. Alfred Gray countered by suggesting some MPs are collecting $2,500 a month from the public purse to maintain a headquarters and Constituency offices and might not be using it for the purpose intended. Or “stealing” as he put it. The sad reality is Parliamentarians now receive $30,000 each year, called a Constituency Office Allowance, without reporting how it was used to their constituents or the general public who are taxed for...

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The Fight for Our Future: Politics, Law and the Environment

By Sam Duncombe The government of The Bahamas is increasingly dysfunctional and perverse. They continue to wilfully ignore, downplay and reframe the very serious matters and concerns that have been raised by Save The Bays (STB) and others: oil pollution at Clifton, the Rubis fuel spill, the burning dump, and unregulated and unlawful development, for starters.  And even after a Supreme Court judgement, Prime Minister Perry Christie and the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Alfred Gray have failed to close the illegal facility Blackbeard’s Cay  notwithstanding the Supreme Court’s order requiring them to do so.   Invasion of...

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